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Maritime Blockchain Labs (MBL) is a consortia to create broad collaboration on blockchain pilot projects with industry actors.

MBL’s applications are built together with its distributed community of public and private actors, institutions and technology providers that have come together under the collective ambition of solving for the problems that undermine the core of trust and inclusivity in our industry.

For the Industry,
With the Industry.

Maritime Blockchain Labs is developed and managed by BLOC and is sponsored by Lloyd’s Register Foundation.

MBL and its projects will drive intelligent, informed blockchain adoption in maritime sector through demonstrator projects that will deliver first-hand, real-world insight of how these technologies can be applied, and how the industry can realise maximum benefit from their capabilities.

The objectives are twofold: to get real-world applications on the ground as soon as possible, and to share knowledge and methodologies among users.

Blockchain is fundamentally a collaborative technology and will only truly transform the industry if we are all working from the same, or interoperable, systems.

What are we working on?

Together with Lloyd’s Register Foundation we are currently working with projects themed around safety and risk at sea.
Below you can read more on our three coming projects.

Marine Fuel Assurance

Using blockchain technology we can now ensure a clear chain of custody and traceability of marine fuel quality.

Crew Certificates

Utilizing blockchain to ensure validity of certificates, can improve crew management processes and safety.

Demonstrator 3

We are still looking for interesting safety and risk projects for our third demonstrator. Is your project our next?


Want to become a member?

To ensure the technology we are building are representative of the maritime industry, we need you and your company to share your expertise. Joining as a member allows you access to collaborate with other maritime industry actors in solving interesting challenges with blockchain technology.


Want to know more?

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The principles behind maritime blockchain labs

BLOC's Manifesto

We operate with principles and governance systems to ensure we do not create unnecessary or unsuccessful technology. We will build solutions based on real world problems as sourced and defined by the industry itself. We are agnostic to the blockchain technology required, so long as it has been validated, tested and runs on an open source foundation. We employ blockchain as one part of the solution and use it in combination with the other technology and processes required for holistic solutions. We openly communicate and seek peer review, industry review and steering and inputs from our governance partners.

By ensuring checks and balances we will create pilot demonstrations that are validated, legitimized by and sourced from the industry actors and users themselves. In doing so the industry will be engaged in the upstream development process and thus greater buy-in and an ecosystem of change will be created for these solutions.